HCCI Chief Executive Calls for Overhaul in Homecare

Over the past several days, HCCI’s Chief Executive has been active on media talking about the failures of the current home care system and possible solutions.

On Tuesday 4 June, he appeared on Senator Marie Louise O’Donnell’s podcast.  You can listen to the full 40 minute episode above.

On the same day, Joseph was quoted in the Irish Examiner, saying about the current commissioning model for home care packages that:

There is a rush to reply. A provider has a very short time to respond to say they can provide a package. While the HSE does not set official time limits, if providers take more than five minutes to respond, they tend to find the packages are gone.

You can find the full piece by clicking here.

Yesterday (Wednesday 5 June), he was a guest on RTÉ’s Drivetime show on Radio One.  You can listen in from 0:25:30 via this link.


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