HCCI Home Care Awards

HCCI Home Care Awards 2023, sponsored by First Ireland Insurance Brokers, seeks to recognise and honour the commitment and hardwork of the people who make home care possible across all of Ireland.  Every nomination received this year was outstanding and we want to thank everyone who participated, you are turely an inspiration.

Special thank you to all sponsors: 

Overall sponsor – First Ireland Insurance Brokers

Category Sponsors – The HR Company | OneTouch | Leading Healthcare Providers Skillnet | Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, RCSI | First Ireland Insurance Brokers | Spry Finance

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Award Categories and sponsors

Carer of the Year should be an individual who exemplifies what it means to be a carer.  They should prove a shining example of competency, reliability and security.  When thinking about this nominee, there should be a sense of inspiration and motivation.  They enjoy their role while exuding an empathetic passion for the care of others. This award seeks to acknowledge and celebrate the dedication that this Carer shows to their local community and/or the difference they have made to the life of a vulnerable person they are caring for.

HR of the Year should be someone who demonstrates innovation and a positive contribution to staffing through enhanced recruitment and improved retention. This award recognises smart and creative rewards and benefits strategies that attracts, motivates, retains, and engages employees.  This individual should foster team wellbeing and strive to nurture a caring workplace for all team members.

Scheduler of the Year should be an outstanding member of staff who is indispensable to the scheduling/coordination of carers and clients.  The nominee ensures a smooth and pleasant work environment while supporting the best possible service for clients.

Manager of the Year should be a member of staff (in any mangement position of any department) who works tirelessly to maintain office moral, encourage productivity and overall improve the management/supervision of the office/staff/carers.  Their ability to ensure open communication among departments, clear concice reporting to all teams. A Manager who shows vision in developing person centered care and supporting staff to meet the ever-changing needs of the business.

Nurse of the Year should be a qualified nurse who shows exceptional abilities in the care of their clients and works to meet not just the medical/physical side of their care but also the mental well being of clients.  When thinking about this nominee, you should get a sense of security knowing that they are competent in emergency situations, reliable in their daily care activities and demonstrate how nursing skills integrate with social/home care.

Significant Contribution Award  is presented to an outstanding individual who has contributed significantally to home care and related fields.  They show exemplary dedication and commitment to those around them to further the exigencies of those in need.

Carer of the Year


Re-launched in 2021 as Spry Finance and already having over 1,000 new customers, Spry Finance is 100% Irish owned, regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and headquartered in Dublin. Spry Finance is the sole provider of lifetime loans that has been operating successfully in Ireland since 2006 and has a €400m mortgage portfolio under management. It is fully funded by a number of major international financial institutions including Canada Life Reinsurance. Spry Finance is a customer-focused company, providing older people with real options for living a greater life in later life. A lifetime loan is a mortgage that allows people to release equity in their home – without having to sell it or move out – by borrowing a lump sum secured on the property.  An exemplary sponsor for this years Carer of the Year.

HR of the Year

Sponsored by:


Since 2001, The HR Company has grown steadily to provide a range of services including Employment Law and HR consultancy to a number of key clients across all sectors. A highly competent team with vast experience in Project Management and HR know-how provide workable solutions to employee matters involving discipline, grievances and conflict resolutions.  This makes them a perfect sponsor for HR of the Year.

Scheduler of the Year

Sponsored by:



OneTouch is a single multi-functional Care Management system which enables management of every aspect of clients’ needs using one, seamless platform to deliver efficiencies and continuous improvements in care quality. Features of the OneTouch Health App include Scheduling, Call Monitoring, Invoice and Payroll, Digital Care Plans, Medication Management and eMAR, HR, KPI Reporting, Clinical Governance and more. Making them the most suitable sponsor for Scheduler of the Year.

Manager of the Year

Sponsored by:

Leading Healthcare Providers (LHP) Skillnet is a not-for-profit Learning Network dedicated exclusively to supporting the private healthcare sector by providing high-quality, sector-led, subsidised training and education. We address our member companies’ workforce development needs across all disciplines up to and including owner-manager level.  Their constant promotion of leadership and resources makes them an ideal sponsor for Manager of the Year.

Nurse of the Year

Sponsored by:

The RCSI Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery has a long and established reputation for the delivery of nursing, midwifery and health related education programmes in Ireland. RCSI FNM aims to develop caring, reflective practitioners who have the ability to seek out and use research-based evidence for the purpose of improving the patient/client experience.  There is no one more qualified to sponsor the Nurse of the Year award.

Significant Contribution Award

Sponsored by:


First Ireland is a leading provider of Home Care insurance. With a high level of expertise, they pride themselves on providing the right cover at competitive prices. In January 2023, First Ireland was acquired by Gallagher. Gallagher is one of the world’s largest insurance and risk management firms.  First Ireland Risk Management Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.  We are delighted to have them as a sponsor for the Significant Contribution Award.

Our History

  • 2017 - A New Leaf

    Joseph Musgrave was brought on as the new Managing Director of HCCI and hit the ground running with a complete reorganisation of HCCI. He hired new staff and launched into the political realm with home care driven initiatives that would see massive yield in the years to come.

  • 2018 - Expansion

    After reorganisation HCCI started implementing and advocating for the wants and needs of our members. One such need led to the development of a new department in HCCI, the Garda Vetting Department (GVD).  Our team expanded with the new department and further member driven initiatives.

  • 2020 - Development

    While listening to our members wants and needs, HCCI brought on competent staff to help further the mission of HCCI.  In the development stage we seek to continue to support our members and their home care needs while also informing the relevant bodies of the crises our members face as front-line workers.