HCCI Concerned that Reform of the Home Care Sector is too Slow

Press release lack of progress in home care reform

16 June 2022, Dublin: Home and Community Care Ireland (HCCI), the organisation representing private home care providers, is concerned that reform of the home care sector is progressing far too slowly. HCCI stressed that sector reform needs to happen at a much faster pace within both the Government and the HSE to ensure people get the support they need to stay living at home and that the Statutory Home Support Scheme will be implemented next year as promised by the Government.

HCCI is urging Government to leverage the adaptability and pace the private sector can bring to the sector, as highlighted in publicly available data compiled by HCCI. This data shows a correlation between communities where a higher proportion of home care is delivered by private providers or non-profits in terms of shorter waiting lists and successfully delivering the targeted number of care hours. The data suggests that using private and non-profit providers substantially increases capacity.


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