HCCI calls for urgent clarity on home carers getting the covid-19 bonus payment

Dublin, 19th January 2022: Home and Community Care Ireland (HCCI), the organisation representing private home care providers, called on the Government to clarify immediately if home care workers are omitted from the covid-19 bonus payment.  The bonus payment, of €1,000 will be paid to public healthcare workers, healthcare workers in nursing homes and healthcare workers in hospices.

Joseph Musgrave, CEO, HCCI said, “It would be shameful if the Government have forgotten about the significant sacrifice and hugely valuable contribution of home care during the pandemic.  Home has proven to be the safest place to care for people during the pandemic with infection rates rarely above 1% of our client base at any one time.  That success is down to the hard work of our home carers.  It would be totally wrong of Government to exclude home care workers from the covid-19 bonus payment.”

Musgrave continued: “The covid-19 bonus payment, and the announcement of a public holiday, is a welcome acknowledgement of all that our healthcare workers have done.  Today should be a day for celebrating this move, but instead there is confusion about whether the Government have chosen to exclude home care – which in their own programme for government was acknowledged as a crucial pillar of our healthcare system.”

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