HCCI Say Progress of Statutory Home Care Scheme is Not Good Enough

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Dublin, 15th December 2021: Home and Community Care Ireland (HCCI), the organisation
representing private home care providers, is calling on the Government to expedite the
introduction of the statutory home care scheme, giving Irish citizens a legal right to home
care. HCCI has supported a thorough review of how home care is commissioned and
delivered in Ireland and the introduction of formal regulation of home care for many years.

Joseph Musgrave, CEO, HCCI said, “The Government has committed to introducing a
statutory scheme, which is something we wholeheartedly support. Through the development
of such a scheme all stakeholders can collaboratively develop a sustainable home care
service that works for everyone – clients and their families, carers and providers. We
completely agree with HIQA’s point that while it is understandable that the pandemic delayed
the development of such a scheme it should not have held it back by years. It was due in
2021 and now we understand it will be 2023 before it is introduced. It is simply not good
enough for the vulnerable people who need and rely on home care and carers who dedicate
themselves to such important work.”

“If anything the pandemic should expediate the development of the statutory scheme
so that more people can be supported to stay in the safety of their home.”
HCCI recently published its Winter recruitment action plan which offers workable solutions to
the current carer recruitment crisis.

Musgrave concluded, “I would urge the HSE and Government to heed our advice so
that our vulnerable citizens aren’t left without care this Christmas. As always HCCI and its
members are ready and willing to work with the Government to ensure everyone who needs
it can avail of a high quality, formally regulated, sustainable home care service we can all be
proud of.”

HCCI Say Progress of Statutory Home Care Scheme is Not Good Enough
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