Wednesday 30th June 2021. An Inquiry into the Lived Experience of Covid-19 in the Home Care Sector in Ireland: Clients Experience is the second part of a research project that explores the impact of Covid-19 of home care clients throughout the pandemic. This research examines the mental, physical and social impact that Covid-19, cocooning and public health restrictions had on home care clients and the coping mechanisms that they used during the pandemic.  The research concludes with recommendations on how home care clients should be supported as we emerge from the pandemic and the lessons that policymakers can learn from clients experiences during Covid-19.

Clients Experience: An Inquiry into the Lived Experience of Covid-19 in the Home Care Sector in Ireland


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HCCI Research Series: An inquiry into the lived experience of covid-19 in the home care sector in Ireland

Thursday 1st October 2020: An Inquiry into the Lived Experience of covid-19 in the Home Care Sector in Ireland is part of a three-wave research project that explores the health, social and economic consequences of the pandemic for the home care sector in Ireland.  It sheds light on how those on the forefront of home care coped during one of the largest viral outbreaks in modern history.

The study  examines the main challenges in the home care sector generated by the pandemic, a range of policy responses implemented to tackle covid-19, changes to internal and external workplace relationships, impact of the pandemic on the health and wellbeing of the staff, and implications for the future.  It provides valuable, original and timely insights into the multifaceted effects of the covid-19 on the sector, including implications for policy and practice, as well as recommendations for optimal functioning into the future.

20.11.25 Covid19 Lived Experiences Report - Providers
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HCCI Pre-Budget 2021 Submission

Thursday 1st October 2020: Today, HCCI publishes it’s Pre-Budget 2021 Submission, Advancing Home First.  It was submitted to Government on Tuesday 22nd September.  The submission calls for Government to accept 15 recommendations, including:

  • A Government-led rapid Social Care Workforce Review to maximise carer recruitment and retention, including changes to the social benefits system so that carers are not penalised for increasing their working hours. Up to 800 new carers will be needed to provide the additional 4.7 million hours, while retaining the 10,000 already employed.
  • Wage protection for carers of Covid-19 positive or suspected clients. As these carers cannot work for other clients they are being penalised for work that entails increased risk.
  • Additional support is required to train and upskill new carers (potentially those unemployed due to the pandemic) so that they can be fast tracked into the system in a safe and controlled manner.
  • A targeted, rolling testing programme for the home care sector. HCCI has been calling for this since April. Right now, home care providers are having to alert potential close contacts themselves as the national system is too slow.
HCCI Pre-Budget Submission