Frequently asked questions

What is HCCI?

Home and Community Care Ireland (HCCI) is the representative association for organisations that offer clients a managed home care service on the island of Ireland.  We advocate for the highest standard of regulated home care services to be made available to all on a statutory basis enabling the elderly and people with disabilities to remain independent within their homes and communities.

Who are the members of HCCI?

HCCI has over 75 members.  At the moment, all our members are private companies but our membership is open to any organisation that provides a managed home care service.  You can find information about our members on the Find Care page of this website.

What is managed home care service?

A managed home care service is one where the company ensures that their home care staff are Garda vetted, trained, insured and supervised.  In addition, companies offering a managed home care service have an operational back office function providing support and information to home care staff and clients to ensure quality.

Other companies offer an agency, matched care or on-demand model of home care services.  In these models, home care staff attend a client’s home without supervision or support.  HCCI does not support this model of home care service.

Do all HCCI members undertake HSE contracts?

No, some member companies provide care to private clients.  The majority of members fulfil HSE contracts as well as providing private care.

What are the challenges for home care staff?

All members of HCCI support the need for on-going training and recognition for their home care staff.  HCCI continues to argue for improved pay and conditions for home care staff including more effective rostering and payment for travel.  It is HCCI’s view that the current tendering practices of the HSE – which do not allow for either effective rostering or payment for travel time – is a needless barrier to improving conditions.

I want to start a home care company. What advice do you have for me?

Operating a home care company is hard work, and the margins are thin.  Our members are in this sector because they are passionate about providing quality home care services, and many have personal stories of how it has affected their lives.

From a practical point of view, we would urge you to review the Join HCCI section of our website.  This contains information on the criteria for membership and we think provides a useful guide to industry newcomers.  In addition, the HCCI National Standards for the Provision of Home Care Support Services provides the basis for a set of policies and procedures that we believe those providing a managed home care service should adhere to.