HCCI Code of Conduct

In order to further the stated aims of Home and Community Care Ireland (HCCI), it is a prerequisite for membership that members agree to be bound by the HCCI's Code of Conduct and to comply with it. These broad principles set the foundation upon which members can provide top quality care in the home.


Dignity and respect
Each client has the right to dignity and respect.

The client has the right to be informed of the services offered by the home care provider and consequently, be given explanation, in advance, about the service/s that is to be provided, the types of caregivers who will provide care, and the frequency of the visits that are proposed.

Client Assessment
Clients have the right to initial and on-going participation in the development of their plan of care and to be allowed to exercise the full range of care opportunities available to them. In cases where the client is unable to participate fully in forming the plan of care their wishes insofar as they are expressed and are practical should be addressed.

Privacy and Confidentiality
Clients have the right to privacy and confidentiality. Clients have a right to request information held on their case and the clients consent must be sought before any information is communicated to a third party. Client records must be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988.

Complaints Clients have the right to submit complaints or grievances without fear of retaliation and have them addressed expediently. Members must have suitable procedures in place for recording and resolving complaints received and these procedures should be communicated to clients. Clients have the right to refuse service and should be informed of the consequences of such action.


In order to protect both the client and caregiver all members are obliged to employ all their care givers directly and to ensure that all relevant tax and social insurance obligations are complied with in addition to all statutory employment obligations.

Recruitment and Background checks
Members must have proper procedures in place for recruiting and vetting both management and care staff. Members should obtain Garda vetting on all employees and written references from at least two sources and where practicable these must be taken from last / recent employers.

Members should ensure employees receive appropriate induction training and are equipped with the skills and knowledge to adequately carry out their roles including but not limited to Patient Handling training. Members should encourage their employees to develop their skills through further training.

Suitability of Care Givers for Clients
Members should endeavour to ensure that caregivers are matched with clients taking into account their training and experience, personality and temperament.

Members should ensure their staff are adequately supervised and that each client's plan of care is delivered as anticipated.

Quality Assessment
Members should have in place procedures so that the quality of care delivered can be assessed in a systematic fashion.

Members must have adequate and appropriate insurance in place before service is commenced. Public liability insurance should amount to at least €13m while employer's liability should amount to at least €6m and must cover all staff members.

Members must at all times conduct themselves in a manner that will not bring home care and/or the Home and Community Care Organisation into disrepute. In accordance with the HCCI's Constitution, membership will be withdrawn where continued membership may adversely affect the organisation.

I agree to come together and associate as the 'Home and Community Care Ireland'. I furthermore agree to abide by and uphold the Constitution and Code of Conduct of the Organisation and to further its aims.

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