January 2012: HCA President welcomes Law Reform

Commission recommendations on

Home Care Regulation

Home Care Association (HCA) welcomes the recommendation of the Law Reform Commission

Home Care Association today (Monday 30th January 2012) welcomed the recommendation of the Law Reform Commission that Home Care services in Ireland should be regulated.

HCA president Bryan Meldrum said that "it makes absolute sense for HIQA to regulate and monitor home care providers to ensure that older peoples independence, dignity and quality care is maintained. We have been calling for regulation for 5 years and this the latest in a long series of reports that call for regulation. It is time now for the government to prioritise this legislation as promised in the Programme for Government."

Meldrum continued, "due to the lack of regulation Home Care Association has put in place its own standards for members that mirror best practice and members are independently inspected by an external auditor. In that way the public can choose a HCCI member safe in the knowledge they are committed to best practice."

The Law Reform Commission Report is contained at:


About Home Care Association

The HSE provides home care to citizens in one of three ways:

  1. Provision of home care services directly by HSE staff
  2. Contracting of home care services from non-profit providers
  3. Contracting of home care services to private providers

According to the CSO the old population (i.e. those aged 65 years and over) is projected to increase very significantly from its 2010 level of 508,000 to over 1.1 million by 2036.

Home Help Services usually assist people with normal household tasks although they may also help with personal care.

Home Care Packages are aimed mainly at those requiring medium to high caring support to continue to live at home independently. They may include the services of nurses, home care attendants, home helps and the various therapies including physiotherapy services and occupational therapy services.

About HCA

Home Care Association (HCA) is the trade association representing private home care providers in Ireland. Just a few years ago, the only option available if you needed elder home care was to rely on family or friends for assistance. If this option was not available nursing homes were the only choice. Developments in elder care recognise the wishes of older people who want the benefits of assisted living, but don't want to move out of their home.

Home Care Association represents professional providers of home care.

Our members adhere to the draft 'National Guidelines for Home care Support Services' and directly employ, train, background check, supervise and insure caregivers to provide a quality service to clients.